A free service to save your favourite brand coupons on your mobile phone and redeem them in the dcoupon network of supermarkets, with discounts applied directly to your shopping and itemised on your receipt.

1. Download the free dcoupon app or visit www.dcoupon.com

2. Select your coupons and save them.

3. Go to your nearest participating supermarket and purchase the promoted products.

4. Show your redemption code from the app or website at the supermarket checkout to receive an instant discount on your shopping which will be itemised on your receipt.

You can find coupons in ever more places: within your dcoupon app, by scanning in-store QR codes, on out-of-store promotional materials and online, all with associated coupons.

Simply create a new account with your name, email address and a password in the app or online. You can then use dcoupon as a registered user and access exclusive offers and promotions.

Alteratively, you can also try dcoupon without registering to redeem your first vouchers.

To view your saved coupons, go to “My Coupons” within the app or on your browser.

Each campaign has an assigned number of coupons that you can use.  To check how many, view the “info” for each coupon for details of each promotion.

Coupons are limited by time and volume for each campaign, so a coupon may expire or sell out and may no longer be available. So, hurry whilst stocks last! 

It is not possible to delete coupons from your dcoupon account. But don’t worry, once the campaign has expired it will disappear automatically.

Within the app you can select your preferred supermarket chain(s). Each coupon also provides details of the closest shops to your location where you can redeem them.

In addition, each participating supermarket displays a dcoupon sticker badge or logo on its door to help you find them.

Yes, although check the terms for each offer as they depend on the commercial policy of the supermarket or store.

Once all items from your shopping basket have been scanned, inform the checkout staff member that you have dcoupon vouchers and follow their instructions. dcoupon has several redemption methods, depending on the store:

1. Temporary code: Go to the “Redeem” section of the app and a numerical code will appear which you must read out or show to the checkout staff. The code generated is valid for 1 min 30 sec. Don’t worry if the time expires, you can generate a new one immediately.

2. Scanning the QR code at the checkout: Go to the “Redeem” section and select “SCAN” to scan the QR code displayed at the supermarket checkout to apply your discounts.

3. Loyalty card: selected supermarket loyalty cards can be linked to your dcoupon app. Then, all coupons stored in dcoupon will be applied automatically by simply swiping the supermarket loyalty card at the checkout.

When you redeem vouchers at the supermarket you will receive a notification on your mobile phone with your savings, as well as being able to see the itemised details on your receipt.


No – dcoupons are digital and cannot be printed.

Once they have been redeemed they will be removed from your list of saved coupons. If permitted by the promotion, as shown in the info for each coupon, they may be downloaded again.

Unfortunately, on occasion the product may be out of stock. However, most participating supermarkets do prepare to have sufficient stock for promoted products.

It is a repeat purchase coupon, whereby every time you buy a product you will receive a stamp on a digital loyalty card. Each time you buy the product you may receive a direct discount or, once completed, the brand will apply the reward set out in the coupon details (eg. a free product).

dcoupon works every day to provide new coupons, so keep checking to make sure you don’t miss out.


Sorry, but dcoupon vouchers are 100% digital, which means you have to access them either with the mobile app or via the www.dcoupon.com website.

In most cases, this is because the item you have purchased does not match the one that is on promotion. Please check the barcode, the package units and weight to avoid that happening and to ensure your discounts are applied correctly.

Occasionally, it may be due to technical connection issues at the supermarket checkout.

If you have experienced any problems or have other queries, please ask your supermarket directly. If they are not able to resolve your problem, please contact us at:

ES: info@dcoupon.es

PT: info@dcoupon.pt

Visit the Help section within the app menu, or email us at

ES: info@dcoupon.es

PT: info@dcoupon.pt

And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our service Terms and Conditions can be found in the dcoupon app or at www.dcoupon.com.

Yes, complying with all applicable regulations. See our Privacy Policy within the dcoupon app at www.dcoupon.com.